The future is constructed by history.

A2STONE works only with natural stone. We do not use any artificial stone that we are committed to ‘Nature, Safe, Health, Green’. Our team of expert designer focus on exquisite material and design details, combining texture, colors, and constructions to create products that are comfortable and versatile.

The Pompeii antique furniture collection  inspired by the thousand-year ancient Pompeii city. Therefore, the volcano-invaded city is not silent and destroyed, but in the dust and debris. The ancient city of Pompeii is one of the most important sites of Roman civilization. It guides us back to those glorious arts, humanities, and daily lives of ancient Rome. We want to use the historical meaning of the ancient city as the keynote to reshape the beauty condensed by time and show it to modern furniture.

Inspired by the Temple of Apollo in Pompeii, the concept of the temple pillar was simply integrated into the dining chair. The overall proportions and lines of the dining chair showed a solid feeling. The meandering lines of the seatback fully reflect the comfortable and delicate streamline of the back cushion. The seat also provides thickened cushions to add comfort to the design. The main color of the dining chair is the wood green cushion and brass color as the main axis, which can be used for matching in different spaces and has the emotion of creating the main atmosphere.

The design of the dining table continues the concept of the temple. The table legs inspired by Roman columns are inlaid with metal details. The metal spear not only adds decorative elements but also enhances the solemnity of the dining table. Ensure stability between table legs. Under the tabletop, a 3mm metal-clad edge surrounds the entire flaky marble tabletop. The metal cladding can reduce the loss of stone and form a more stable structure. The structure creates the visual beauty of lines and surfaces and elegantly combines the two types of material.

The vase takes the Great Theatre of Pompeii as the main axis. The feature of the theater is that the building structure can use the natural slope of the terrain to create a circular stepped seat row in the theater. Surrounding the theater, the scenery, and the theater can be perfectly integrated. We cleverly applied such a concept to the flower container, and the inside of the flower container showed a step-like outline, which was the same as the theater’s structural model. Imagine that when the flowers fall and fall on the stairs, the poetic and beautiful pictures are full of natural coexistence at home.

The image of the desk lamp comes from the Vesuvius volcano that destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii. The volcano’s natural and beautiful, symmetrical cone shape was incorporated into the lamp. The sculptural design of the lamp uses an arc shape that is associated with the conical base and the moment of the volcanic eruption. The light source generated in the middle is like the instant light of a volcanic eruption. The edges of the marble are covered with metal lines to make the lamps more layered and detailed, and the base is presented in a triangular cone manner. Even in the dark, each angle of the lamps can show their different looks.

In the floor lamp series, we have found interesting decorations left over from the Pompeii period. At that time, marble, bronze, and pottery have been used as decorative materials, and they have many ring-shaped features. However, the floor lamp is also like a space ornament. We chose the concept to evolve the details of the floor lamp. The design of the lamp cap is covered with disc marble by peripheral metal edge strips, which echoes the projection lamp below. We make marble with a specific thickness and inlay it on the top of the light source, and a metal round cover at the bottom can evenly refract the light source without causing glare in the space. The layout of the space presents a sense of low light. The design can be used not only in the dining room or living room.

The Pompeii collection is a collection of furniture based on the reconciliation between modernity and history, exploring the essence of design through a journey. The furniture is not just a daily out t, but it can realize the alternating existence in the space. Appearance and details, it is also hoped that they are a series of furniture that can connect with different spaces, and are not stacked as dining room furniture, but furniture that can be used in the study, living room, or bedroom. Even if they are matched, they can maintain consistency, and they can be placed separately as a landscape. This type of furniture can release more and freedom of furniture, and not be easily established. The composition of this series is like narrating a small city. Each piece of furniture has its place and its characteristics, which make the space full of story.