Thanks to these “natural fissures” made natural marble so unique.

Many families will consider choosing natural marble when decorating their homes. However, most of them are still very new to marble.

For example, they will use ceramic tiles and other materials as reference objects, so they consider fissures in the marble are defects

This misunderstanding needs to be explained. As a supplier, we try to popularize the knowledge of marble to our consumers.

Marble is a mixture of various elements and minerals. After at least hundreds of millions of years of complex physical and chemical changes, coupled with the evolution of geological movements, their textures and colors are ever-changing and determined by their composition.

It is different from artificial materials such as tiles and artificial stones. The characteristic of marble cannot be controlled. The beauty of natural marble is its unpredictable natural texture. Fissures don’t mean defect.

Let’s understand why there are fissures in the marble:

Fissures are ubiquitous and unavoidable during the formation of natural marble. Fissures won’t affect the quality and beauty of the stone while professional marble manufacturers will take good care of them by the increasingly mature processing technology.

The industry has a standard for it: fissures mean that the length does not exceed 1/10 of the total length of the slab edge at both ends, and fissures with a length less than 20mm can be ignored.

We also have a simple method to find defects:

① Defect – obvious defect at a distance of 1.5 meters from the slab.

② No obvious defect— not obvious at 1.5 meters from the slab, but visible at 1 meter from the slab.

③ No defect – you can’t see any defect at a distance of 1 meter from the slab.

Fissures are the unique appearance of these natural stones, not a quality problem. But fissures are not the same as cracks. If cracks occur, they need to be repaired in time. Marble is not an industrial product. Its impurities, colors, and textures absorb the essence of nature. It is a gift from mother nature.

Each piece of marble is a treasure carefully crafted by time.

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