Play With Marble Color Variation

Many people always try to avoid color variation when they using marble as the decoration material for their dream house. They automatically consider it as a defect of the marble.

But in designer’s eyes, marble with color variation is a treasure, the greater the color variation, the more precious it is. But why?
The natural pattern, color variation, and even fissure make each piece of marble unique.

Natural patterns and luxurious texture are the greatest value of marble. Color variation can form a colorful combination, produce a different kind of effect, and give experienced designers unlimited space to play.

Yes, you can absolutely find there is unlimited inspiration when you consider color variation from an artistic perspective.It’s like a painting made with similar colors, changing from 12 colors to 18, 24, or even 64 colors.

Good use of color variation can achieve a better sense of layering, sense of space, and emotional expression.

There are no two identical leaves in the world. If you want everything to be “perfect”, then marble just not for you.

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