How do you decorate your bathroom with marble basins

Marble has beautiful colors, patterns, high compressive strength, and better physical and chemical properties. As the application of marble continues to increase, its design requirements are also increasing. Among them, marble is used very commonly in basins. so what are the advantages of marble, and how to maintain and clean the marble? Let’s find out the Joy of owning a marble basin!

The Advantages of marble

  • Won’t deform, marble has a strong hardness, durable, has a uniform structure.
  • The service life of marble is long. It is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali liquids, will not rust, not easy to stick to dust, and will not be affected by moisture.
  • Physical stability, not easily scratched or blocked by constant temperature conditions. It can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.
  • Marble has a natural elegant texture, very suitable for high-end decoration.

After understanding the advantages, let’s take a look at the design form of marble

There are generally two kinds of bathroom sinks, one is with a basin on the countertop, and the other is with a basin within the countertop.

Let’s look at the sink with a basin on the countertop:

▲ Marble top & basin on top (made of Carrara)
Sink with a Basin on top can be generally more creative. In addition to square, round, and oval shapes, and even petal-shaped. The Carrara has an elegant atmosphere after being laid. It is widely used in high-end villas, luxury hotels.

▲Beige marble countertop (made of Beige marble)
The beige marble surface is smooth and flat, with soft and warm tones, giving people a warm touch.

Sink with a basin within (made of grey marble):
The basin within the sink is generally installed within the countertop and glued to the countertop from bottom to top. The advantage is that it is very convenient to clean the countertop since water always on the countertop. You can easily wipe the water into the basin and keep the countertop dry and clean.

In addition to these two, there are also custom-made marble sinks:

▲ Custom-made sink (made of Carrara)
Custom-made sink depends on space. With reasonable use of every space, you can make good use of every corner of the room.

After reviewing these types of marble designs. The marble will lose its luster after a period of time. So how to maintain the marble sink in future use?
Here are some suggestions:
1. Although the protection is not a panacea, it is necessary to brush the protection on the washbasin. Therefore, protection is not done once and for all, and protection should be regularly brushed. The small bathroom sink does not need a professional stone care company. You can use basic stone brightening protection and do it all by yourself, and it is cheap. It can play the role of cleaning, protection, and polishing at the same time, which is convenient.
2. Keep the marble dry can extend the effect of protection.
3. Scratches and abrasions will reduce the protective effect. So you should avoid sharp objects as much as possible.

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